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Our “Leh We Jam” package offers a premium, culturally immersive, and entertaining Bahamas Carnival experience. Let us be your trusted companions in planning and hosting this trip to make this weekend getaway incredible!!

Prices Start at: $3,500 Per Person (Double Occupancy)
Options Include All-Inclusive or A la Carte resort accommodation.

Hotel Accommodations, 4 Drinks Inclusive Events, (Including J’ouvert), | Backline\Midline Costume + Carnival Road Experience with your band of choice | Transportation | 24/7 Concierge Support


We have teamed up with Garry X Olivia Luxury Travel Advisor and Bahamas Masqueraders to introduce this exclusive VVIP experience inclusive of:

  • 4-night accommodation at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar or a similar hotel

  • VIP airport facilitation and dedicated transportation to and from all events.

  • Daily breakfast at the hotel

  • $100 Hotel Credit

  • VIP access to 4 all-inclusive events

  • Midline, Backline, Frontline, preferred male Costume and VIP Carnival On road Experience exclusively with Bahamas Masqueraders: 

  • Glam Squad:  Professional styling and makeup services pre-road, with touchups on road.

  • and much more




Picture the vibrant scene of Nassau during the Bahamas Carnival weekend: Soca music resonates through the streets, and costumed revelers join lively Mas Bands alongside music and bar trucks, creating a sensory explosion of colors and sounds. Beyond the parade, the weekend unfolds with a whirlwind of excitement, featuring exclusive events, fetes, parties, and concerts including a J’ouvert road experience. The Bahamas Carnival is not just a party; it's a weekend-long extravaganza that transforms the entire Bahamas into the ultimate playground of festivities.



By Alicia S for Leh We Jam | Bahamas Carnival 2023 - All- Inclusive on Jun 24, 2023

I would like to thank Ashton at Goombay Concierge for being the most fantastic host, for my first trip to the Bahamas :) I initially booked this trip in 2019, sadly due to the pandemic it was cancelled. Fast forward 3 years later, I'm happy that I was able to explore another Carribbean Island, network and meet some amazing individuals. Throughout the trip he made sure that all my requests were catered to including transportation. I could not have asked for a better host. Thank for your hospitality, it was an absolute joy meeting your friends too. See you again soon!.

By Rah S for Leh We Jam - It's Bahamas Carnival 2023 on Jun 08, 2023

This trip was a long time coming. Began booking in 2020 and COVID canceled those plans. I grew irritated over the years, feeling like I'd never get a (full) refund and also, never get to experience Bahamas carnival. Throughout the years, beyond my frustration. Ask kept in contact whenever I reached out. He even communicated between myself and the band leaders. Once there, Ash was amazing. Everything was organized smoothly, nothing was left uncertain and each fete was fun! Ash definitely chose the rigjt fetes for the package. Since he is well known, once we told locals we were "with Ash", we got treated like special guests. Ash made us feel comfortable and safe while skinning out all over the place. We got everywhere at the perfect time and got home safely each evening. He was able to answer any questions we had, especially when the rainy weather delayed plans. I would 100% travel with them again..



While visiting The Bahamas you must experience our amazing tours, and activities being offered. Our Add-on options include ATV adventure tours, off-shore boating excursions, and much more. We recommend that you arrive a day earlier or stay an extra day specifically to explore but if not possible we stand ready to assist you with squeezing in something extra during the time you have. We have got you covered.

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