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(1) We help bridge the gap between our clients, wedding planners and local suppliers to ensure that planning the wedding is as stress free and as seamless as possible. We are the boots on the ground to ensure you are selecting the most premium suppliers to help execute the Big Day. Selecting a DMC like Goombay, provides you with limitless possibilities, flexibility, and in-destination expertise  to select the right host hotel, venue, decor, meals, entertainment, and much more, that suits your interest and  vision.

(2) While the wedding planner prioritizes your BIG day, we prioritize your guest experience. We understand that destination weddings provide a one-of-a-kind experience not just for the couple of honor, but for their guests as well. From the moment the guests arrive we immerse them in the excitement of the wedding, as well as the novelty of traveling somewhere new. We offer truly authentic experiences that includes tours, excursions and special events that guests will certainly enjoy.

Goombay Concierge is a trusted resource if you are planning your next trip or experience in the Bahamas. You literally need to look no further. They provide one of a kind custom, curated and authentic experiences. Their consistent customer service, and attention to detail is the reason why my husband and I trusted Goombay Concierge, to even manage our destination wedding guest experience. Our guests all had an amazing experience, so much so that they continue to talk about this experience NON-STOP, and have already begun working with Goombay to plan their next trip to the Bahamas. Whatever you desire your dream experience to be, whatever your celebratory life event, group size, or budget, you can rest assured that Goombay will help you execute and have the time of your life.

— Testimonial From the Grissom’s

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